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Our IES Solna School opens soon

  Our IES Solna School opens soon

The past two weeks have been dedicated to our staff training and final preparatons of our new school. I can share with all in our school community, that are staff are excited and extremely focused as they prepare to give their best to each and every student. I have been overwhelmed with the support, positivity and versitility of all staff regardless of their experience and background. The staff join us from 12 different countries and we share diversity and togetherness in every way. 

Deliveries have been never-ending and the work that has gone in to preparing the building to be a place of safety, learning, challenge and friendship.

I am so excited to meet our students on Wednesday and I share a warm welcome to you all. 

Välkommen till vår digitala rundtur

Välkommen till vår digitala rundtur

Till skolstarten i augusti 2021 slår vi upp portarna till IES Solna. Skolan ligger i området Ingenting och arbetet pågår för fullt med att bygga om fastigheten till en modern skola anpassad för lärande. När skolan är fullt utbyggd kommer den ha fyra klasser i varje årskurs - från årskurs fyra till och med årskurs nio.

Är ni nyfikna på hur IES skolor är? Ta er gärna tid att besöka oss via en digital rundtur på några av våra andra skolor. Här finns det ett antal filmer som ger er en inblick i vad vi, våra elever och deras föräldrar tycker är viktigt för att skapa en bra skola.

IES Solna - our first few weeks.

IES Solna opening ceremony

Our opening ceremony on the 17th August seems a long time ago now! in just five weeks we have a vibrant and active school and we have worked hard together to learn about each others, top put our plans into reality and to learn our new routines. We are so proud of how well our students have adapted to their new environment and our teachers are working hard to encourage and inspire our students to achieve their aims and aspriations. 

Buidling a school culture is something that takes time to evolve. Our foundation is clearly grounded with our core IES values and our school targets for this year. We aim to establish a safe and orderly environment, to aim high and challenge ourselves, and we learn through the power of langauge. Bilingualism and truly immersing ourselves in English and Swedish is something as a school community, we are all working towards. 


The countdown to our opening is well and truly upon us!

Coming soon...

We are making great progress to complete the building process. We are busy receiving materials and resources for our classrooms and for those of you who have walked around the building this week, you can see the school yard is looking fantastic! 

School starts for all students on August 18th 2021. The start date and times for each year group togetheer with general important information has been sent to all parents. Please read carefully to ensure your child is fully prepared for the first day of school!

Until then, please continue to enjoy your break. 

Final touches

Final touches

As we move swiftly through July, the work continues for finalise the building preparations before we furnish the school. We will soon be welcoming our staff in early August and our students on the 18th August!