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Continuing to build our ethos - recruitment so far.

Continuing to build our ethos - recruitment so far.

My first month since, I started working as Principal in January has quickly passed by and I have been focused on recruiting some of our overseas teachers as they are keen to have their teaching positions set for the new academic year and also we are able to prepare them for their transition to Sweden.  I am proud to say that we will have outstanding teachers joining us from a variety of countries including Canada, the USA, Greece, Kenya, the , Ireland, Wales, England, New Zealand, India, Italy, Slovenia and China.  In addition to this, I have also managed to recruit some fantastic and experienced teachers and administrators from around Sweden.  

Over the last few weeks, it has been really great to be able to communicate directly with so many of you regarding specific questions that you have about IES Solna.  However, I have noticed that sometimes, the same questions arise, and to make things a little easier for you, I have summarised some of the answers to these questions below.

  • Mother tongue will be provided for our students and more information will be shared with you before the summer break. 
  • There will be rooms dedicated to home economics, craft, music and we will have a gym for PE lessons
  • Homework will be provided for students. 
  • We will have a school library and we have appointed our librarian! 
  • We aim to offer school clubs. The activities will depend on the talents and skills of the staff, as well as the interests of our students.
  • School food will be prepared onsite as we have our own fully functioning kitchen. Breakfast will also be available.
  • There will be break time areas for students to play and relax during their rest periods. Staff will be on duty during these times to supervise the students. 


Latest regarding the admission process

The admission process in Solna is still ongoing and the fourth set of offers will be sent out on the 1st of March and we expect your responses by the latest 10th of March. After that, we will know how many of these have accepted the offer of placement and how many have declined and we will send out offers to the next students in turn of the student queue. 

We will keep you updated regularly on this website.

From the Principal

My first few weeks as IES Solna Principal.

My first few weeks as IES Solna Principal.

It has been a busy couple of weeks at IES Solna, since officially starting as Principal. 

‘So, what does a Principal without an operational school actually do?’

 Well, over the last two weeks, this is exactly what I have been finding out!  I completed my journey at IES Årsta earlier this month and I have to admit while being hugely excited at the prospect of starting my new role, the moment was tinged with fond memories and more than a little nostalgia.  Having been part of the founding leadership team at the school since its opening in 2017, the school, like for many other IES educators, became more than just a workplace.  However, as I move forward as Principal of IES Solna, the learning experiences I have had in this previous role have put me in a fortunate position, one that stands me in good stead as I start to lay the foundations and prepare for our new school so open.

As well as the customary meetings and inductions, I have used my first two weeks starting to recruit a strong team of educators, interviewing teachers and other educators who are hugely excited about the prospect of working at IES Solna.  Having interviewed a range of individuals, some of who live in the Solna area, to others experienced international educators located across three different continents, I can say with confidence that the team we are putting together are all committed to making our school the very best it can be.  From the conversations I have had, I can report that they all share my vision of bilingual education in a calm, safe environment where students have the opportunity to embed a strong foundation of knowledge from which they can build genuine understanding across all academic areas. 

I have also spent time looking at the school building as it develops; at least from the outside! The Ingenting area has become part of my weekly running route so I can check on the progress of the development and seeing the school take physical shape is something that I continue to look forward to over the next few months.  In addition, in the moments I have been at my desk, I have welcomed the opportunity to talk to some of IES Solna’s prospective parents answering questions about the school and the admissions process. I welcome these conversations and as both a parent and educator I understand fully the importance and difficulty of making decisions around changing schools.  

As you are aware, our core values of Internationella Engelska Skolan are three fold. To provide high quality and academic education, to promote genuine bilingualism and develop and maintain a calm and safe learning environment where teachers can teach and students can learn.  These values will form the foundation of everything we do at IES Solna as it develops. However, each school, as it develops in harmony with its local community and unique cultural and social context, develops its own personality.  My vision for IES Solna is one where community is at its heart, where our diversity will be our strength and where we will all learn to care for ourselves, each other and the environment.  As a resident of Solna, I am excited to be able to work with the community's wider aim of creating a more environmentally aware and sustainable school and area.  I will share more ideas and plans as the months continue. 

Admission process

Dear guardians,

We have now started the admission process for years 4-8 for IES Solna, and we expect responses at latest the 17 th of January.

After that, we will know how many of these have accepted the offer of placement and how many have declined and will send out offers to the next students in turn from the student queue. We will keep you updated regularly on this website.

Best Regards,
Internationella Engelska Skolan Solna

From the Principal

Dear future students, parents and guardians of IES Solna

Dear future students, parents and guardians of IES Solna

Dear future students, parents and guardians of IES Solna.

Firstly, I want to take the opportunity to wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As you may notice, I am standing in front of our new school building and even though it is not quite ready, progress is certainly being made on a daily basis in order to ensure we are ready to open very soon!

This year has been a challenging one for us all in so many ways. Over the winter break, I encourage all of us to pause for a moment and reflect on how we can learn from the experiences we have had. As I am sure you will agree, the simple things in life, like family, friends and loved ones, as well as our health and wellbeing and our environment, are extremely precious and things that we should remember to value and care about every single day.

We must look forward to 2021 together with anticipation and optimism as we continue to prepare for our school to open next year. I am so excited about the opportunity to finally meet you all in person in August.

However, in the meantime, please take care of yourself and your loved ones, stay safe and keep healthy during the holidays.

God jul, gott nytt år och ta hand om varandra.