Continuing to build our ethos - recruitment so far.

From the Principal
Continuing to build our ethos - recruitment so far.

My first month since, I started working as Principal in January has quickly passed by and I have been focused on recruiting some of our overseas teachers as they are keen to have their teaching positions set for the new academic year and also we are able to prepare them for their transition to Sweden.  I am proud to say that we will have outstanding teachers joining us from a variety of countries including Canada, the USA, Greece, Kenya, the , Ireland, Wales, England, New Zealand, India, Italy, Slovenia and China.  In addition to this, I have also managed to recruit some fantastic and experienced teachers and administrators from around Sweden.  

Over the last few weeks, it has been really great to be able to communicate directly with so many of you regarding specific questions that you have about IES Solna.  However, I have noticed that sometimes, the same questions arise, and to make things a little easier for you, I have summarised some of the answers to these questions below.

  • Mother tongue will be provided for our students and more information will be shared with you before the summer break. 
  • There will be rooms dedicated to home economics, craft, music and we will have a gym for PE lessons
  • Homework will be provided for students. 
  • We will have a school library and we have appointed our librarian! 
  • We aim to offer school clubs. The activities will depend on the talents and skills of the staff, as well as the interests of our students.
  • School food will be prepared onsite as we have our own fully functioning kitchen. Breakfast will also be available.
  • There will be break time areas for students to play and relax during their rest periods. Staff will be on duty during these times to supervise the students.